Maryland Consumer Credit Rehabilitation

Each consumer’s situation is unique and precise problems can not be identified and addressed until the “credit report” is thoroughly examined. However, some of the services we provide to the consumer are:

  • Assistance in securing the free credit report to which consumers are entitled.
  • Analysis of the three credit reports to uncover any discrepancies or inaccuracies
  • Correspond with the credit report agencies or the vendor to correct errors
  • Institute suit (if necessary) to seek judicial enforcement of Federal and State laws
  • Establish “debt laddering” counseling program to manage and eliminate debt

Engulfed in the snares of predator credit repair organizations, unfortunate consumers fall prey to charlatans and brigands who promise to extricate the client from their mounting debts. Sometimes this can be accomplished and sometimes it cannot.

Maryland Law has licensing statutes for such credit repair organizations which afford some measure of protection to the consumer.  Licensed Maryland Attorneys, however, are EXEMPT from this licensing statute since the client is adequately protected by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission and the Maryland Client Security Trust Fund.

Most consumers are familiar with the content and purpose of “credit reports”, but often are unaware that there are three (3) credit reporting agencies. Theoretically, the three reports should be identical, but more often than not, there are discrepancies between them. Often, these “credit reports” reflect inaccurate information. As the result of these discrepancies and inaccuracies, the consumer’s credit is adversely impacted to the extent that they may be denied credit for a home mortgage, car or other retail purchases and employment.  Further, many consumers are unaware that they are entitled to an annual, absolutely FREE credit report from each of the three reporting agencies.